ProChips Rookie PCC-2200 K/W

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At ELV you could buy a USB video camera named “Rookie PCC-2200 K/W” at a very reasonable price (not longer available). According to the advertising text, one can use the camera for a variety of applications (Video conference, security applications, video mails and so on). As supported operating systems Windows 95 OSR2.1, Windows 98 and Windows NT5.0 are listed. Compared to the text on the package of the camera some sort of exaggeration, since there only Windows 98 is mentioned.

Rookie PCC-2200The alleged accompanying software CD is not part of the delivery. There is only a driver disk for Windows 98, so obviously no chance to get the camera working under Windows XP.

I thought about having bought the camera in vain, but then I decided to start an internet investigation about that thingy :-)


After some detours over chinese and japanese pages I reached the homepage of the korean manufacturer ProChips (

Since I´m not keen on korean language and characters and didn´t find an english version of this site, I had to stumble nearly blindly through their korean pages, but finally I succeeded.

To prevent others from having the same troubles, here the according links:
This archive contains an application to take videos and photos with the Rookie. The necessary drivers for Windows XP are installed also. File size is around 10 MB.
This ist the same video- and photo application but without drivers. Use it in conjunction with the Windows 98 driver from the delivered diskette. File size is 218 kB.

Hopefully someone can use those informations. Have fun ;-)

Obviously the homepage of Prochips in the meanwhile went offline, the above links are invalid (as of June 2006).
So I searched again and found another source for the needed drivers. Medion once delivered a camera whose drivers fit for the Prochips Rookie.

The drivers are to be found in the download area of Medion using “9308” as search term in the “Volltextsuche” input field.

Fabian has tested the driver for XP and W2000 and found it working. Thanks Fabian!

Now (as of November 2011) Medion too has no more drivers for this nice piece of hardware :-(

The camera doesn’t work any more from Windows version 7 and beyond.



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